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24. - 25.1.2023

BotH2nia goes Luleå

9.00 - 17.00
Luleå, Sweden

Building the Nordic hydrogen economy

Luleå in Norrbotten moves fast forward to the hydrogen economy. Join BotH2nia to see how northern Sweden takes leaps forward in hydrogen-related business, research, and building infrastructure.

BotH2nia goes  Luleå  24 - 25 January 2023  

Time: Monday 23 Jan 2023

19.30 - 20.30 CET: Pre-registration at Hotel Clarion Sense Skybar, 9th floor

Time: Tuesday 24 Jan 2023, 8.30- 17.15 CET

People: Businesses, investors, administrators, researchers and educators enabling the transition to hydrogen economy

Place: Luleå University of Technology, Universitetsvägen, entrance A1, meeting room A117 LKAB-salen

Moderator: Cecilia Wallmark, Director of the hydrogen initiative CH2ESS at Luleå University of Technology, @CeciliaWallmark


8.30 Registration

9.00 Welcome to Luleå!   

Introduction to the purpose of the day, and overview of on-going activities by the organizers. 

Cecilia Wallmark / The hydrogen initiative CH2ESS at Luleå University of Technology
Matti Malkamäki and Minna Näsman / BotH2nia, the network of Baltic Sea Hydrogen Valleys  Lena Segerlund / Invest in Norrbotten, @MMalkamaki  @minnanasman 
Ida Heintz / Swerim 
Johan Sandstedt / Swedish Hydrogen Development Center, RISE

9.40 Keynote 1: Welcome to new energy markets  

Mikael Nordlander / Vattenfall, Herkko Plit/ P2X Solutions, @MNordlander@HerkkoPlit

10.25  Keynotes 2 & 3: Hydrogen valley cradles   

Cross-border, public-private cooperation in hydrogen infrastructure projects  

Industrial parks as hydrogen hotspots

11.15 Coffee   

11.45  Investments transforming the industry of the North  

  • Example investment: steel  

    Tomas Hirsch / SSAB, @HirschTomas | Open PDF
  • Example investment: fertilizers   

    Jorge Requena / Fertiberia | Open PDF
  • Example investment: synthetic fuels  

    Ted Bergman / Green NortH2 Energy | Open PDF
  • Example investment: maritime transport   

    Osamu Ikeda / Chiyoda Corporation Netherlands | Open PDF

Panel discussion: opportunities created by known investment plans

12.35  Lunch

13.35  Keynote 4: Permitting solar, wind and hydrogen in Sweden and Finland  

Anna Häger and Robert Wedmo / Ilmatar & Linn Arvidsson / Sweco | Open PDF

14.10  Parallel workshops with coffee  

  • Workshop 1: Business and investments (incl. Q&A for before noon presentations) 
  • Workshop 2: Role of education in building the Nordic hydrogen node 
  • Workshop 3: Co-operation and co-marketing the Nordic hydrogen markets

16.30  Summary: presentation of workshop results, general discussion  

17.15 End of working day, rest  

18.30 Dinner at Kulturens Hus, Skeppsbrogatan 17

  • Welcome: Carina Sammeli, Mayor of Luleå


Time: Wednesday 25 Jan 2023, 8.45 - 15.30 CET

Place: Buss tour to different sites 

Program: 8.45 Start of tour at Kulturens hus, Skeppsbrogatan 17  


Bus #1: Swerim

Welcome to Swerim and our pilot facilities for hydrogen in metallurgical industry

Ida Heintz, manager CO2 neutral Industry within metallurgy

Hydrogen projects and guided tour of the facilities:

  • Hydrogen and gas infrastructure

    Paul Cobden
  • CO2 separation pilots

    Malin Blomqvist
  • Pyrometallurgical pilot facility

    Ida Heintz
  • Heating and metalworking pilot facility

    Ted Sjöberg


Bus #2: LTU

Welcome to Luleå University of Technology and the Centre for hydrogen energy systems Sweden, CH2ESS

Dr. Cecilia Wallmark, Director, introduces the hydrogen activities and co-operation within CH2ESS, @CeciliaWallmark | Open PDF 1 | Open PDF 2

Dr. Fredrik Granberg, Manager LTU Green Fuels, About the extensive test and education site in Piteå

Hydrogen project and guided lab tour, start at meeting room A1545:

  • Renewable hydrogen production and storage via biotechnology

    Io Antonopoulou, Associate Senior Lecturer of Biochemical Process Engineering
  • Fluid mechanics in hydrogen pipelines

    Staffan Lundström, Professor in Fluid Mechanics
  • Influence of hydrogen environments on the tribological behaviour of rolling element bearings

    Jens Hardell, Professor in Machine Elements
  • Durability of Polymers and Composites for hydrogen delivery and storage

    Roberts Joffe, Professor in Polymeric Composite Materials
  • Bio-based hydrogen production using methanol as storage and transport controller

    Kentaro Umeki, Professor of Energy Engineering

For more information, please visit:

Research - Luleå University of Technology (ltu.se)


11-11.45 lunch 

11.45 Buses #1 & #2: Guided tour to Port of Luleå 

12.45 The role of ports and shipping in the energy transition 

Place:  Meeting room C305, Luleå University of Technology

Moderator: Moderator: Ellinor Forsström, Project Manager, RISE


  • Swedish port development: what happens in the hydrogen area? / Ellinor Forsström, RISE | Open PDF
  • Andreas Lantto / Port of Luleå | Open PDF
  • Barnim Piechorowski / BothniaLinkH2, Uniper | Open PDF
  • Rafael Schmidt / Hydrogenious LOHC | Open PDF
  • Wouter Demenint / Port of Rotterdam | Open PDF
  • Hele-Mai Metsal / Port of Tallinn | Open PDF
  • Fredrik Granberg / Luleå University of Technology

15.00 Closing with coffee

Bus #1 to the airport  

Bus #2 to the city center 



Registration is now closed, as the seats have been filled. If you'd like to be added on a waiting list, please send an email to both2nia@both2nia.com with the topic "waiting list". We'll return to you in case of cancellations. The event is free of charge. However, a no-show fee of 1000 SEK is applied, so remember to cancel your booking as soon as possible if an obstacle occurs to free your seat to next in line.



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