BotH2nia – the Hydrogen Bay of the North

BotH2nia will show the world how competitive wind power and innovative know-how enable clean hydrogen economy. BotH2nia brings together people in both public and private sectors, working towards a greener future on both sides of the bay.

BotH2nia is set to become the largest hydrogen cluster in Europe and the first hydrogen bay in the world. The BotH2nia network boosts the Nordic hydrogen industry: ideas for development projects, more investments and, ultimately, the best materials and fuels for a clean hydrogen future. 



BotH₂nia is a network of operators interested in hydrogen energy. The objective of the network is to create a Nordic hydrogen cluster around the Gulf of Bothnia. BotH₂nia invites all businesses, research institutes, investors, municipalities and cities to roll up their sleeves for a greener future.

BotH₂nia strengthens the position of the north in the European hydrogen industry. The objective is  to attract investor interest in the north as an excellent target for investments in the hydrogen industry, to create new projects in the area and, first and foremost, to build the largest hydrogen cluster in Europe. The BotH2nia network wants the transition to a greener future be as fast, smooth and smart as possible.

BotH₂nia combines expertise in hydrogen, resources and decision-makers. It organises hydrogen-themed events, disseminates information through its website, acts as a common platform for the evolving hydrogen industry in the north, and enables transparent, active dialogue between the members of the network.

The members of the Hydrogen Network already include dozens of organisations in Finland and Sweden, and new members are welcome! Our network welcomes businesses, commercial hydrogen project developers, R&D&I operators, training organisations, investors, municipalities, cities interested in the hydrogen industry and related innovation, as well as public administration agencies in Finland, Sweden and any other country to join us.

If you are involved in a project related to the hydrogen industry, education supporting the development of the field or if you wish to invest in the ecosystem, join us! Together, we will make the greatest change in the history of industry towards the smarter utilisation of natural resources.

The hydrogen industry works for a greener future. Hydrogen represents a potential way to curb emissions and store energy. This saves valuable natural resources and takes us one step closer to reversing global warming.

Hydrogen in a nutshell:

  • Hydrogen burns in oxygen to form water.
  • Hydrogen can be used to adjust to peaks in the consumption of renewable energy. It can also be used to replace fossil fuels where powerlines are not feasible or possible due to a poor grid, for example.
  • Synthetic raw materials made of hydrogen can be used to replace oil-based raw materials.
  • Hydrogen can be stored either as gas or in liquefied form.
  • Hydrogen can be used to produce high temperatures needed by industry. Hydrogen is also better than electricity for powering heavy or energy-intensive forms of transport.

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