Ready to learn about hydrogen and green energy?

On this page, we have compiled hydrogen and green energy related trainings and courses in Finland and Sweden.

    Hydrogen safety

    Learn more about hydrogen safety! RISE offers training on hydrogen safety with a focus on the hazards linked to the properties of hydrogen and land vehicle applications.

    By agreement

    2½ hours

    RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden

    Energy Transition and Sustainable Economies

    You will learn what this energy transition looks like and how we can make it a reality.

    At your own pace

    5 weeks

    Åbo Akademi / Futurelearn

    YH utbildning, Grön vätgas – tillämpning och utveckling

    YH utbildningen som är lärarledd på distans ger dig en konkurrensfördel inom ett av de snabbaste växande områden inom grön omställning, oavsett om du arbetar inom energi, industri eller logistik.

    Enligt överenskommelse

    24 dagar

    Applied electrochemistry

    The aim of the course is to allow the students to gain necessary basic knowledge in order to understand, analyze and solve problems related to electrochemical processes.

    Autumn 2023

    7.5 credits

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Hydrogen in heavy transports

    Learn more about hydrogen´s role in heavy transport, the impact of hydrogen expansion and what opportunities this will bring for heavy transport.

    At your own pace

    4–5 hours

    RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden

    Hydrogen end-use and infrastructure

    After the course, the student has a comprehensiveunderstanding on operation of fuel cells, hydrogenas a fuel in moving working machines andtransportation (roads, marine, aviation), andstructures and properties of hydrogen networks.

    Autumn 2023

    5 ECTS

    Tampere University

    Hydrogen production and storage

    After the course, the student has acomprehensive understanding of hydrogenproduction technologies, knows why and howhydrogen is stored and what safety issues needto be considered.

    September 2023

    5 ECTS

    University of Oulu