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How to get investors to invest in hydrogen in your business and community

If you want investors to invest in hydrogen, you need to be able to answer the following questions directly for your company or region: 


Where are the customers - where can hydrogen or hydrogen products be sold? 


Where does the plant get its zero-emission electricity from? 


What are the sources of electricity - how can the plant be connected to the grid? 


Where can I get bio-derived carbon dioxide? 


How can a site for the plant be planned? 


How can I get a permit? 


Where can I get enough water for the plant? 


Where are the nearest deep-water ports? 


What are the connections to the railways? 


What are the connections to the main national roads? 


Where are future hydrogen pipelines planned? 


Who in the municipality and the municipal development corporation can help? 


Where can the skilled labour needed for the plant be found? 


Where in the region are there other companies to sell to? From where can the necessary products be bought? Which can act as partners? 


9 November 2022

10 reasons why Germans are investing in the hydrogen industry in Kristiinankaupunki

Finland is getting a significant investment: wind power company CPC Finland and German investment company Prime Capital are planning to build a 200 MW zero-emission hydrogen and synthetic methane plant in Kristiinankaupunki. The total value of the investment is EUR 450 million. 


15 November 2022

Analysis: wind, industry and hydrogen pipeline to bring Finland's largest hydrogen plant to Kokkola

A significant investment of €500 million in hydrogen in Finland: project development company Flexens announces the construction of a 300 MW hydrogen plant in Kokkola. The plant will use renewable electricity to produce hydrogen and further produce ammonia.

Kunta voi houkutella artikkeli.jpg

11 November 2022

This is how a municipality can attract hydrogen investors

When a municipality attracts hydrogen companies to its area, the way is to follow CEPD principle: contacts, experience, profitability and demand. Here are some examples. 

kasvavat vihreän vedyn markkinat.jpg

10 November 2022

Many SMEs have a lot to offer in the green hydrogen market

Huge market potential brings business opportunities throughout the hydrogen value chain. Business opportunities arise from support services and technologies built around production facilities. These are the steps to exploit the business potential of the hydrogen economy.