Help for permitting in Finland

Help for permitting in Finland

The national helpdesk for renewable energy in Finland is located in the ELY of South Ostrobothnia. They can also help with hydrogen-related issues. A manual of procedures is currently being updated, which will provide a more comprehensive description of how to proceed with hydrogen-related projects. The BotH2nia network supports the work by producing and sharing information for project developers, municipal decision-makers and various authorities. The theme will meet in small group discussions as needed, in order to carry out current tasks.

Help for permitting in Finland

ELY Centre streamlines environmental procedures 

The ELY Centres (Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Finland) promote the green transition, for example by streamlining the processing of green transition projects and advising companies on green transition projects.  Many green transition projects require environmental permits, water permits or zoning changes. Experts from the ELY Centres will ensure that the environmental needs of green shift projects are identified in good time and will ensure adequate communication between the different authorities (e.g. the need to obtain an environmental permit or launch an environmental impact assessment procedure). In addition to facilitation, the ELY Centre can also act as a financier of green transition projects. Support is available on various themes, including business growth, internationalisation and development. 




24 February 2023

New rules adopted for renewable hydrogen

On 13 February 2023, the Commission adopted new rules defining the conditions under which hydrogen and hydrogen-derived fuels or other energy carriers may be considered renewable.

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12 February 2023

Clarity needed for hydrogen rules — Current status of the regulation guiding the renewable hydrogen production

Hydrogen regulation is currently subject to several legislative processes at the EU level that are expected to bring some long-awaited clarity to the various hydrogen market participants. 


9 February 2023

Hydrogen investment - Balancing climate objectives and regulation

One of the main, if not the main, factor holding back investment at the moment is the incomplete regulation on hydrogen. In other words, investors are reluctant or afraid to make investment decisions because of the ongoing debate at the EU level on the different colours of hydrogen and the associated requirements.


4 October 2022

Obstacles to wind projects identified - how can movement forward be achieved?

In order to identify the barriers to wind power projects, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment commissioned a study on barriers to wind power projects by FCG Finnish Consulting Group and published the results on 4 October 2022.


26 April 2022

Hydrogen and administrative action

Comprehensive and easily available objective information on the effects of a project play key roles in keeping the share of activities by officials in the timeline of hydrogen projects to a minimum, and in building trust among different actors.

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