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25. - 26.5.2023

Estonian Hydrogen Days 2023

8.30 - 15.00
Tartu, Estonia

The Estonian Hydrogen Association invites you to the Estonian Hydrogen Days 2023, which will take place on 25-26 May in Tartu. This year’s theme is “Linking economic growth to climate goals”. This event will mark the two-year anniversary of the promise made at the 2021 Hydrogen Days to launch the world’s first, i.e. nationwide, Hydrogen Valley Estonia

The aim of the Estonian Hydrogen Days 2023 is to contribute to the launch of the Estonian hydrogen economy by bringing together representatives from the public and private sectors, a wider international audience and stakeholders. The event promotes international cooperation and investment certainty and raises public awareness of the green revolution and its potential through the demonstration of the technology. The event will showcase companies that have taken the first concrete steps along the entire value chain and will provide an overview of the different projects, activities and the state of the hydrogen economy in general. 

Kammivabrik, Teguri 28A, Tartu, Estonia  

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