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1 March 2024 | Article

BotH₂nia association and hydrogen valley to collaborate - let’s start building the H₂ economy in a big way

If you want to build something big, you have to think big. BotH₂nia was originally established to create a vibrant hydrogen economy on the edge of the Baltic Sea. Now, we are supporting an effort to raise millions of euros from the EU to build a single hydrogen economy across national and provincial borders.

Matti Malkamäki
Matti Malkamäki
President of the BotH₂nia association
BotH₂nia association and hydrogen valley to collaborate - let’s start building the H₂ economy in a big way

The board of the BotH₂nia association proposes that we start working closely on a new project to build a hydrogen valley on the coasts of the Gulf of Bothnia and in adjacent areas. This is a major project for which we are seeking EU funding. The aim is to build new factories and infrastructure through various pilot projects to create a hydrogen economy.

We propose using the name BotH₂nia Hydrogen Valley in the application to be submitted to the EU this spring. We would make the BotH₂nia look and brand available to the project for the duration of the application. For instance, both parties can send similar-looking emails, even though the address lists and official actors are separate.

The BotH₂nia association would continue to work alongside the project in the old way, promoting the building of a Hydrogen Valley in the north by, for example, bringing people from the hydrogen sector together through events. If the Hydrogen Valley project is funded, we will continue to work closely together, possibly even up to the point of merger – depending on what the members decide at that time. If the project is not funded, the association will continue as before, always looking for new ways to support the building of a hydrogen economy here in the far reaches of the North. We will not be accused of lacking in enterprise in the coming years.

Almost everyone involved in the Hydrogen Valley application is a member of the BotH₂nia association. The membership includes various players, especially from Satakunta, South Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia, Central Ostrobothnia, North Ostrobothnia and other areas outside of these regions. As with the BotH₂nia association, this project is not a Finns-only activity but also involves Swedes. The Clean Hydrogen Partnership, which supports European Hydrogen Valley projects with REPowerEU funding from the European Commission, would provide the funding.

The BotH₂nia association would remain open to all parties other than those applying for the Hydrogen Valley project – we want to involve everyone who wants to play a part in the hydrogen economy, not just the project promoters. The bigger the circle, the better for all.

Dear Member, we look forward to your thoughts on this plan. Please give us your feedback this week or next, as the project application deadline is looming right before us. We are also open to other ideas on how we can best contribute in practice to building a hydrogen economy in the northern corner of Europe.

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