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12 October 2023 | News

Join BotH₂nia and secure your place at hydrogen events

At the beginning of 2024, the BotH₂nia hydrogen network will become a cooperation network of local hydrogen valleys in the northern Baltic Sea. BotH₂nia is open to companies interested in the hydrogen industry and related innovation, commercial hydrogen project developers, RDI actors, educational organisations, investors, municipalities, cities and public administrations in Finland, Sweden and internationally.

Join BotH₂nia and secure your place at hydrogen events
Hydrogen people from Finland, Sweden and other countries at the BotH2nia goes Luleå event in Sweden in January 2023. Photo: Visa Noronen

At the same time, membership will become a paid membership so that we can offer you the following regular membership benefits

  • the opportunity to keep up to date with developments in hydrogen and network at BotH2nia Goes events
  • 6 updated listings each year of hydrogen projects in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
  • the opportunity to provide information on projects to public authorities to streamline administrative processes in the Hydrogen Impact Forum
  • opportunity to follow and develop hydrogen training at the Knowledge Theme Group events
  • 6-10 newsletters with news on hydrogen projects, regulation and events in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
  • your organisation's logo and contact details for other hydrogen players on the BotH2nia website.

Annual fees for members

large company: staff +500 or turnover +500 M€
3700 €

Large company or city, regional or local authority: staff <500 or turnover <500M€, population +50 000
3 000 €

Medium-sized company or city: staff <250 or turnover <50M€, inhabitants <50 000
1 900 €

small enterprise or city: staff <50 or turnover <10M€, inhabitants <10 000
750 €

micro-enterprise: staff 1 or turnover <€100t
400 €

university or educational establishment
0 €

Boost for local hydrogen valleys

In addition to the basic fee, you can choose a PRO membership to build a local hydrogen valley for €4000.

PRO memberships are used to build local hydrogen valleys. The area can be a city, a region or a province, depending on local needs.

BotH₂nia will hire a local hydrogen ecosystem developer once 20 PRO members have been recruited. The developer to be hired will have good local knowledge, a reliable reputation and ready networks in the area. The role of the developer will be to assist with any development needs

  1. organising meetings
  2. producing communication materials
  3. taking the region's message to the rest of the network.

The developers will form a BotH₂nia team, which will develop the activities of the whole network together.

A section will be opened for each hydrogen valley on, where PRO members will have their logo. In addition, PRO members will receive a place for their news in the newsletter and access to the PRO-Teams group.

Join now by filling in the online form here.