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8 May 2024

Gasgrid and Ren-Gas start preparations to connect e-methane plants to the Finnish gas system

Gasgrid Finland and Nordic Ren-Gas are starting to prepare to connect the four new e-methane production plants to the Finnish gas system. Ren-Gas plans to build the plants along Gasgrid's transmission network in Lahti, Kotka, Kerava and Tampere. If completed, the plants will increase the availability of renewable gases in Finland more than tenfold compared to current levels. The plants will provide customers in the gas market with an option to promote their own environmental objectives by using existing infrastructure.

Gasgrid and Ren-Gas start preparations to connect e-methane plants to the Finnish gas system
Natural gas compressor station. Photo: Gasgrid Finland


The clean fuel produced by Ren-Gas' renewable e-methane production network aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transport by more than one million tonnes per year. The energy source for e-methane production is domestic wind power.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to contribute to our society's carbon neutrality goals in partnership with the clean energy professionals at Ren-Gas. The Ren-Gas projects, when completed, will add significant value to the Finnish gas and energy markets and are a great example of how our transmission network and services provide a versatile and flexible energy system to support our customers. Through this cooperation, we will promote the clean gas market and the development of a flexible multi-gas platform in line with our strategy, and build a foundation for a hydrogen economy while strengthening our national energy security," says Janne Grönlund, Director of Gasgrid's transmission platform.
"Our vision for the future is that our infrastructure will transport clean gases such as synthetic gases from renewable energy sources, biogas and hydrogen. The transmission network can also serve as a storage facility for complex gases," adds Janne.

"The existing gas infrastructure enables efficient and flexible distribution of renewable e-methane to both domestic and other European customers. Demand for renewable gas fuels is already high and will grow significantly in Europe. The cooperation with Gasgrid will enable the efficient use of existing infrastructure to accelerate the cost-effective green transition across Europe," said Lauri Puro, Project Development Director at Ren-Gas.

Ren-Gas is a leading Finnish project developer focused on the production of renewable e-methane. Ren-Gas has a portfolio of six projects, with construction of the first plant in Tampere scheduled to start in 2024, and production of e-methane in 2027. Ren-Gas projects will produce a significant amount of clean gas fuels to reduce emissions from transport and industry in Finland and wider Europe. The Ren-Gas operating model makes extensive use of sector integration and existing infrastructure, enabling competitive renewable fuel production and emission reductions today.